Two,Feeder,Automatic,Meal,$40,Pet,,PetSafe,Pet Supplies , Cats,/Downloads/OpenBook,Digital PetSafe Digital Two Meal Feeder Pet Max 56% OFF Automatic Two,Feeder,Automatic,Meal,$40,Pet,,PetSafe,Pet Supplies , Cats,/Downloads/OpenBook,Digital $40 PetSafe Digital Two Meal Automatic Pet Feeder Pet Supplies Cats PetSafe Digital Two Meal Feeder Pet Max 56% OFF Automatic $40 PetSafe Digital Two Meal Automatic Pet Feeder Pet Supplies Cats

PetSafe Digital Two Meal Feeder Pet Max 56% Direct stock discount OFF Automatic

PetSafe Digital Two Meal Automatic Pet Feeder


PetSafe Digital Two Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Product description

Style:Two Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Product Description

Understanding the demands of your busy schedule the Digital Two Meal Automatic Pet Feeder is the ideal solution for busy Pet Parents. Your furry companions will never miss a meal again as the Automatic Pet Feeder allows meals to be planned up to 4 days in advance, giving owners peace of mind even in the busiest of times. Using the LCD display and the Digital Timer setting, meal times are hassle free and fully adaptable to your Pet’s needs, with each 200 g portion exclusively served at the times best for your pet.

Important information

Stores Dry food only

BPA free

Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included)

PetSafe Digital Two Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

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