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3 Pieces Finally resale start Polarized Sport Sunglasses Drivin for and Women Men half

3 Pieces Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women for Drivin


3 Pieces Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women for Drivin

Product description


Wide usage:
These polarized sports sunglasses for men and women with different colors and styles to meet your needs. The large temple full wrap design blocks side-light offering maximum coverage which makes this style suitable for driving and sports activities such as skiing, biking, running, boating, fishing, and golfing.

Quantity: 3 pieces
Material: PC
Colors: black, blue and red
Dimension :
Lens height: 37 mm/ 1.46 inch
Lens width: 75 mm/ 3 inch
Leg length: 120 mm/ 4.7 inch
Nose bridge: 20 mm/ 0.79 inch
Total length: 153 mm/ 6 inch

Package includes:
3 x Sport Sunglasses
3 x Glasses protective bags
3 x Soft pouches
3 x Glass bags
1 x Case

Warm notice:
Please allow a little error on the size due to manual measurement.
The colors may exist slight difference due to different screens.

3 Pieces Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women for Drivin

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