Little Fashion Me baby-boys Sleeper Baby $5 Little Me baby-boys Baby Sleeper Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Baby Little,/amvis1105810.html,Sleeper,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Baby,Me,baby-boys,Baby,,$5 Little Fashion Me baby-boys Sleeper Baby Little,/amvis1105810.html,Sleeper,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Baby,Me,baby-boys,Baby,,$5 $5 Little Me baby-boys Baby Sleeper Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Baby

Little Fashion Me Chicago Mall baby-boys Sleeper Baby

Little Me baby-boys Baby Sleeper


Little Me baby-boys Baby Sleeper

Product description

PERFECT OUTFIT OR SLEEPWEAR: Little Me footies are the perfect baby outfit for sleep or play. Each footed sleeper is made from soft 100% cotton that gets even softer with each wash (Machine Washable). Each sleep N play footie zips in front and down the leg for easy dressing and changing. Zippers make middle of the night diaper changes quick and hassle free. Little Me has been a well known brand in the baby industry along with Carter's, OshKosh, Gerber

Little Me baby-boys Baby Sleeper

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