T,Pillow,Sharp,Throw,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Donna,/lymphopoietic1332606.html,Decorative,$21,botcantayjans.com,Printed,Lexington,Floral,- Donna NEW before selling ☆ Sharp Throw Pillow - T Floral Lexington Decorative Printed $21 Donna Sharp Throw Pillow - Lexington Printed Floral Decorative T Home Kitchen Bedding T,Pillow,Sharp,Throw,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Donna,/lymphopoietic1332606.html,Decorative,$21,botcantayjans.com,Printed,Lexington,Floral,- Donna NEW before selling ☆ Sharp Throw Pillow - T Floral Lexington Decorative Printed $21 Donna Sharp Throw Pillow - Lexington Printed Floral Decorative T Home Kitchen Bedding

Donna NEW before selling ☆ Sharp Throw Pillow - T Floral Lexington Decorative Printed Product

Donna Sharp Throw Pillow - Lexington Printed Floral Decorative T


Donna Sharp Throw Pillow - Lexington Printed Floral Decorative T

Product description

Size:Square Throw Pillow (Floral)

This stylish quilted bedding collection was inspired by Donna Sharp’s best-selling Campfire and Woodland quilts. A series of soft, woven and printed fabrics in neutral colors such as taupe, ivory, tan soft grey and black make this an instant classic. Each fabric is pieced together, then a rag edge is added, which gives a wonderful texture to this cozy ensemble. Every time you wash the quilt, the edges become softer. Our coordinating quilted shams and decorative pillows complete the ensemble.

Donna Sharp Throw Pillow - Lexington Printed Floral Decorative T


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