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SENSERISE Womens Summer Beach Cover Up Pants Elastic Waist Wide


SENSERISE Womens Summer Beach Cover Up Pants Elastic Waist Wide

Product Description


SENSERISE Womens Flare Cover up Pants Swimsuit Bikini Bottom Cover up Elastic Waist Wide Leg Palazzo Trousers


Front slits, shorts lining, tie up waist, irregular hem to get chic look, solid and vibrant colors

The shorts are lined to prevent exposure

Fashion matching with bikinis, one piece swimsuit, simple T-shirt, jackets, high heels, flats, etc

The pants have two front slit, the split position from waist, it's little sexy when you walk on the street or beach, match with elastic high waist design, it fully shows your capacity

SENSERISE Womens Summer Beach Cover Up Pants Elastic Waist Wide


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