$15 Modern Roof Style 8' x 10' Deluxe Shed Plans, Design # D0810M, M Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Deluxe,Style,#,botcantayjans.com,D0810M,,Modern,$15,/lymphopoietic197606.html,Design,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,8',x,M,Plans,,Roof,Shed,10' $15 Modern Roof Style 8' x 10' Deluxe Shed Plans, Design # D0810M, M Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Deluxe,Style,#,botcantayjans.com,D0810M,,Modern,$15,/lymphopoietic197606.html,Design,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,8',x,M,Plans,,Roof,Shed,10' Modern OFFer Roof Style 8' x 10' Deluxe Plans D0810M Design Shed M # Modern OFFer Roof Style 8' x 10' Deluxe Plans D0810M Design Shed M #

Modern OFFer Roof Style 8' x 10' Deluxe Chicago Mall Plans D0810M Design Shed M #

Modern Roof Style 8' x 10' Deluxe Shed Plans, Design # D0810M, M


Modern Roof Style 8' x 10' Deluxe Shed Plans, Design # D0810M, M

Product description

8' x 10' Deluxe Modern Shed Plans, Design: #D0810M

Roof Style : Modern
Main Building : 8’ x 10’
Overall Height : 9’-6"
Rear Height : 7’-1 3/8”
Root Span : 8’
Foundation : 4x4 Skid Runners
Floor Framing : 2x6, 16" On Center
Wall Framing : 2x4, 16" On Center
Rafter : 2x4, 24" On Center
Double Doors : 60" x 80"

Plans are for a simple Modern storage shed, ideal for the beginner who wants a shed with lots of space and is a cut above the mass produced versions on the market. This shed design offers maximum storage volume for minimum in material cost and has single profile roof for smaller urban yard. Many designs also include feature two small door transom widows to let sun shine in as well as large double doors on the front for easy access of all your gardening equipment and tool.

Modern Roof Style 8' x 10' Deluxe Shed Plans, Design # D0810M, M


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