Custom,,/responsory1332846.html,Handmade,Hi,Damascus,18,-,$70,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Steel,Gorgeous,Inches,Axe,AX-06 AX-06 Custom Handmade 18 Inches Hi sold out Steel - Damascus Axe Gorgeous Custom,,/responsory1332846.html,Handmade,Hi,Damascus,18,-,$70,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Steel,Gorgeous,Inches,Axe,AX-06 $70 AX-06 Custom Handmade 18 Inches Hi Damascus Steel Axe - Gorgeous Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness AX-06 Custom Handmade 18 Inches Hi sold out Steel - Damascus Axe Gorgeous $70 AX-06 Custom Handmade 18 Inches Hi Damascus Steel Axe - Gorgeous Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

AX-06 Over item handling ☆ Custom Handmade 18 Inches Hi sold out Steel - Damascus Axe Gorgeous

AX-06 Custom Handmade 18 Inches Hi Damascus Steel Axe - Gorgeous


AX-06 Custom Handmade 18 Inches Hi Damascus Steel Axe - Gorgeous

Product description

AX-05 Custom Handmade 18 Inches Damascus Steel Axe - Gorgeous and Solid Rose Wood Handle Height of Head : 6.00 Inches Width of Head : 03.60 Inches Handle Length : 18.00 Inches . Damascus steel of this knife has high quality contents to give an excellent edge and sharp cutting abilities. Hardness of the blade of this knife is HRC 58-60 in the lab amp; been hand sharpened to a Sharp Edge. BUYING You must be sure and certify that you are 18+ of age and you are able to legally purchase and own an item and will use it responsibly

AX-06 Custom Handmade 18 Inches Hi Damascus Steel Axe - Gorgeous

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